console table
faux marble
console table
gold leaf and distressed painted finish
modern bath
venetian plaster with embedded stencil
bronze leaf
gilding on glass entry
venetian plaster
magazine street retail display walls
detail/powder room
venetian plaster painted tropical foliage
accent wall
mottled venetian plaster
kitchen cabinet refinish
milk painted and waxed cabinets
tromp l'oeil
painted and glazed drapery/venetian plaster
kitchen floor
custom stencil work
painted furniture and distressed venetian plaster walls
metallic plaster finish
american clay
trowel finish american clay and distressed mantle
office space accent wall
faux bricks and distressed logo
kitchen stove hood
american clay with distressed painted ornament
private residence 3 story stairwell
gold leaf and painted finish ceiling dome
painted and gilded dome ceiling
mural private residence
metallic line work map of new orleans
production studio
bar lounge
hand painted ornament
distressed painted cabinetry detail
distressed painted cabinetry detail
modern fireplace
venetian plaster
custom graffiti mural for a private game room
faux bois/ oak
faux bois/oak
kitchen floor
faux bois and white pickle checkerboard
ceiling detail
shimmerstone and metallic glaze work
crackle paint finish and custom stencil
faux marble
detail view /dressing room
residential foyer
metallic glazed tile pattern
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accent wall

mottled venetian plaster